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BioChemContact - The local job fair for students of the natural and life sciences

You are looking for scientists in the field of natural and life sciences? You want to present yourself at the University of Ulm? Then you've come to the right place. After the great success of the BioChemContact 2015 and 2016 with more than 450 visitors, 11 company booths and several lectures, the btS Ulm organizes the BioChemContact for the third time.

The BioChemConact is a local career fair for students of biology, molecular medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology or chemistry. The BioChemContact offers companies the opportunity to present themselves in the Forum of the University of Ulm and to get in touch with motivated students and graduates.

The BioChemContact 2017 will take place on 13th June 2017 instead.

If you are interested to act as an exhibitor or sponsor, or to give a presentation, you can contact us via email or contact form is easily accessible.

Promotional activities

As part of a comprehensive campaign BioChemContact takes place, from which you benefit as a participating company also on the day of the job fair also. Our campaign includes, among others

  • posters and flatscreen at Ulm University
  • flyers at Ulm University and the colleges in Ulm
  • an exhibition brochure
  • a presentation of the exhibitors on facebook and the btS homepage

Exhibition brochure

We will publish an accompanying exhibition booklet for students. In this brochure all the important data on the participating companies and the respective contact person for internships, Diploma or Bachelor and Master theses are summarized again. In the booth fee two sides are in the exhibition booklet included - on a company profile is presented, the second you can customize according to your requirements.

Registration deadline for companies

The registration deadline is 02/12/2017, you can contact us with any questions or suggestions simply by email or contact form reach.